Lodge a Complaint

The Commission is mandated by the Telecommunications Act (2009) to regulate the telecommunications sector and as such, maintains its policy of assisting complainants to address complaints directly to their service provider, as the first step towards resolving individual problems. However, the Commission can be requested or may, of its own volition, carry out investigations into matters related to market, service providers, services, anti-competition or other such issues.

Type of Complaint

Service providers are required to file the standard retail prices of all their telecommunications services with the Commission within 7 days of setting (or changing) prices for them.

The Commission may require that the service provider take extra measures or provide additional information as part of their filed prices. As a standard, service providers are required to provide the prices and the corresponding services/products and conditions that apply for those services and prices. Service providers are also required to publish this information on their websites and by circulation at their points of sale.

The Commission may regulate the prices of services provided by selected service providers in accordance with the Act to regulate market impact and to ensure that a reasonable level of competition exists in the market. Regulation may come in the form of price caps, by setting a glide path or by utilising other methods as the Commission sees fit, taking into account services providers' (for concerns such as return on investment) and to maintain healthy competition. The Commission may carry out this role of its own volition or upon application from other service providers.

The Commission may require that service providers repay to its users amounts received on the basis of prices applied that do not comply with the pdf Telecommunications Act (2009) (627 KB) .

The Price Control Act does not apply for the provision of telecommunications services and access.

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