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(TCSI): Solomon Islands’ largest telecom operator, Our Telekom has chosen a Source to Pay (S2P) solution to drive automation across its accounts payable, financial and procurement processes.

The Australian based software company Valtatech will be implementing, integrating and managing the companywide automation on Telekom’s behalf.

According to Valtatech’s website, the company will be managing the implementation of its Coupa Business Spend Management technology across Our Telekom’s accounts payable, financial and procurement processes.

Valtatech says this exercise will be carried out with the aim of automating Our Telekom’s source to pay (S2P) and expense management systems.

According to the Valtatech website, the latest move by Our Telekom aligns with the company’s reputation as the pace setter for innovative digital transformation in the region.

Solomon Telekom Company Limited, trading under the name Our Telekom is Solomon Islands largest mobile network operator and largest internet service provider.

The company has been working hard through its digital and business transformation projects to enable faster and improved mobile and internet services for communities scattered throughout the country’s more than 900 islands.

Commenting on the partnership, Our Telekom’s CEO, Arthur Yen stated that the adoption would digitally transform his company’s operations.

“Valtatech’s spend management implementation is central to Our Telekom’s efforts to digitally transform our business.”

The CEO added that efficiency and effective customer service capabilities were also at the heart of the company’s choice.

“Future proofing many costly, manual processes and building the resiliency into the business that our customers demand. We have made significant investments to bring in innovative technology to support our supplier ecosystem.

“By leveraging the best-in-class tools offered by Valtatech and Coupa, we can offer our suppliers a complete end-to-end S2P process – from when they submit an invoice, through to payment – which enables us to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with them, and eliminate inefficiencies,” the CEO said.

For its part, Valtatech says it will help Our Telekom to achieve the CEO’s vision by enabling the company to drive efficiencies and gain control over its previously manual sourcing systems.

Valtatech will also aim to improve Our Telekom’s business resilience and control over its spending while boosting the company’s ability to satisfy audit demands and reduce costs.

The technology is also expected to help Our Telekom’s back-office teams get the insight they need to improve risk mitigation, streamline spend approvals and improve governance.

S2P and P2P technology process expert and founder of Valtatech, Jussi Karjalainen weighed in on his company’s deal with Our Telekom saying that the days of entirely manual sourcing processes was now over.

“Gone are the days when any organisation’s sourcing process can be entirely manual. Requiring manual keying of information, with its inherent data entry quality risks.

Valtatech’s leading, non-disruptive approach, alongside Coupa’s technology and experience, are the perfect fit for Solomon Telekom. Our partnership with Solomon Telekom will ensure its team can leverage the best people, processes and technology to transform their finance function, and we look forward to helping them to build their back-office capabilities further in the future,” Mr. Karjalainen said.

Through the deal, Valtatech will help Solomon Telekom to realise a full end to end, automated S2P process, giving the organisation the tools it needs to increase automation and ensure compliance.

This will be achieved while driving cost savings and achieving better spend visibility and management across its back-office function.

Valtatech will also be implementing a new e-invoicing solution, which will enable paperless e-Invoicing adoption, particularly among Solomon Telekom’s customers and partners.

Valta Technology Group (Valtatech) is a Melbourne based software company specializing in financial process automation.

Valtatech’s team of experts have completed more than 80 Finance and Procurement transformation and Shared Services projects, in Europe and in the Asia Pacific, leveraging the latest technology and their expertise to deliver and implement some of the most recognised automation projects in the region.