Image Class Licences

A class licence is created by an order or a direction published published by the Commission setting out its terms and conditions and the qualification criteria for such a licence. The Commission will publish a pdf Class Licence Registration Form (433 KB) for class licences. A person/entity who wishes to be registered for a class licence must complete and submit that form. If the applicant satisfies the qualification criteria and there is no irregularity with its form, the applicant will be registered for the class licence 45 days after filing the form.

Under the pdf Telecommunications Act (2009) (627 KB) , the Commission cannot restrict the number of applicants that may be registered for a class licence.

A registration for a class licence expires in 1 year. The registered holder must fill in and lodge an updated form at least 45 days before that period lapses in order to be re-registered for the class licence. If the registered holder fails to do so, the Commission will de-register the holder although this does not prevent that holder from registering for the class licence at a later point.

Class Licences issued by the Commission

Bemobile Solomon Islands Ltd

Satsol Ltd

Hans Corporation