The Commission is responsible for the preparation, issuing and maintainence of an updated national radio spectrum plan (and other related radio spectrum plans, frequency band plans and plans for the migration of spectrum use to different bands).

The Commission produces a range of frequency licences suitable for use in the Solomon Islands as quickly as practicable and updates this information regularly.

Under the Telecommunications Act a person or persons must be licensed to use frequency. If you have any queries about spectrum licensing please  contact our Director of Regulatory Resources. The application forms that are currently available are the following:

pdf Spectrum Licence (333 KB)

pdf Satellite (Other Services) Licence (168 KB)

pdf Spectrum Licence (Radio Form TC002 - Radio Fixed Terresterial) (105 KB)

pdf Spectrum Licence (Radio Form TC003 - Broadcasting) (98 KB)

The National Spectrum Band Plan was adopted by the Commission in March 2016 following the public consultation conducted in December 2015.

The creation of the spectrum use database is also a key Commission function. The Commission's engineers are currently deploying the ITU SMS4DC software to populate the spectrum database. This will improve administative efficiency and aligns Solomon Islands with the ITU Regional Regulations and the objectives of the pdf Telecommunications Act (2009) (627 KB) .

The Commission continued to deploy its radio frequency signal monitoring equipment where required further to its monitoring programme for radio licence compliance and signal interference enforcement.