The Commission regulates the telecommunication sector through licensing. No person or entity may provide telecommunication services in Solomon Islands except with a service licence or exemption (from the requirement for a licence) issued by the Commission.

The Commission issues two types of service licences:

 Class licences

 Individual licences

As a general rule, all service providers operate under the Commissionsn class licence. This licence entitles providers to offer all, or some only, of the full range of telecommunications services. Individual licences are only granted in special circumstances where it is necessary to design provisions which apply only to the operator in question.

A service licence is a grant of rights to provide the relevant service by the Commission, but is not a bilateral contract or agreement.

The Commission prescribes general conditions that apply to all service licences (or exemptions) as well as any special conditions applicable to a certain type of licence.

Currently there are no special or general conditions in effect.

Transfer of control of an individual licensee or of the individual licence itself is permitted by the Act only with the prior approval of the Commission. Transfer of a registration for a class licence, on the other hand, is prohibited.

The Commission has the power to suspend or revoke a service licence if, among others, the licensee breaches the Act or the licence, had falsified documents in applying for the licence in the first place or ceases to exist in law.