The Ministry of Communication & Aviation in partnership with Telecommunications Commission of Solomon Islands (TCSI) and Information Technology Society of Solomon Islands is organizing a series of ICT workshops starting on Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st September 2017, to mark the launching of the National ICT Policy and National Broadcasting Policy today at the Mendana Hotel.

The Ministry of Communications & Aviation is fortunate to have the presence of Ms Johanna Weaver from Canberra to speak on the first 2 sessions on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime & Law.

Ms Weaver is the Director of Cyber Policy at the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is also the senior policy adviser to Australia’s inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs. Ms Weaver holds a Masters of Laws (specialising in strategic cyber policy) as well as a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Political and International Studies.

The service of Ms Weaver was made possible based on the request from the Director of Communications Department, Mr Alwyn Danitofea, and was funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr Danitofea is grateful and wishes to thank the Australia government for the support received to fly over an expert in Cyber Security and Cyber crime to add value in opening our series of ICT workshops.

Ms Weaver will leave the country tomorrow afternoon after the 2 morning sessions. Ms Johanna will be assisted by our local ICT academic, Dr. Timothy Girry Kale who is specialized in computer network security and software engineering. Dr. Kale received his Master of Engineering degree from the Graduate School of Information Systems at the Tokyo University of Electro-Communications in 2012 and graduated with the Doctor of philosophy at the same University in 2015. He was a Researcher Associate in the Department of Computer Network Architecture, Network Security and Information Communication Technology at the Tokyo University of Electro-communications from 2015 to 2017. His current research includes overlay security network, networking architectures, protocols and wireless mobile ad-hoc networks. With his practical knowledge and ICT experiences that can lead and direct the provision of high technology services, Dr. Kale is aiming to be more innovative in the areas of security network applications in E-commerce, mobile banking and internet banking for digital business transactions by enhancing the utilization of IT security services. Mr Danitofea would also like to acknowledge the presence of our very own local ICT expert, Dr Kale, who is currently in the country, for availing his time to be part of the workshop sessions.