The Commission

Telecommunications Commission Solomon Islands (TCSI) is a body corporate established by section 6 of the Telecommunications Act 2009 (N.20 of 2009). The Commission comprises a single person who is appointed as Telecommunications Commissioner by the Minister responsible for the Act, on the recommendation of the Evaluation Committee established by section 7 of the Act.

The Commission is an industry specific regulator, responsible for both the economic regulation of telecommunications and its technical regulation, inlcuding the allocation of radio spectrum.

The Commission reports to the Solomon Islands parliament, but it is independent of any direction or control of the Solomon Islands government in the exercise of its statutory powers and functions. Under the Act, the Commission is to be funded by licence fees. Until Marsh 2015 however, certain transitional arrangments in place for market liberalisation, mean that the Commission is dependent on grant funding provided through the World Bank.

The current Commissioner is Mr. Bernard Hill. The Commissioner currently employs four proffessional staff.