Release of consultation on licence conditions for provision of telecommunications services
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Thursday, 17 February 2011 04:01

Release of consultation document on the licence conditions for the provison of telecommunications services in the Solomon Islands.

On 17 February the TCSI published a consultation on the licence conditions that will generally apply to the provision of telecommunications services in the Solomon Islands.  The conditions are set out in a draft Class Licence and would permit any person to provide any type of telecommunications service, though they would need to apply for a separate spectrum licence should they also require access to radio frequencies. 

The Telecommunications Commissioner, Nicholas Williams said "The publication of the consultation is very important.  The Class Licence has the affect of implementing full scale market liberalisation.  It is important that we get the licence right, so we encourage all actual and prospective service providers to respond to the consultation." 

The Class Licence covers issues such as qualification criteria to provide telecommunications services, the provision of emergency services, key performance indicators and applicable fees.  The consultation also seeks initial views on whether current licensees should be able to offer services under the Class Licence. 

The TCSI is also seeking views on a related exemption order that would exempt persons who are providing telecommunications services for their own use or as a complement to their main business from the requirement to obtain an individual licence or register under the Class Licence.

"The exemption order is trying to capture those people, typically companies like banks, that run telecommunications networks for their own use and are not actually offering commercial telecommunications services.  But the exemption would also prospectively cover businesses who do sell telecommunications services but only as a complement to their main business.  The classic example is a hotel.  As there appears to be little practical need for them to operate under a Class Licence. we are proposing that they be exempted from having to do so but we welcome comments", said Mr Williams. 

For copies of the Consultation Paper, draft Class Licence and draft exemption order, please click here.