Market and Competition

Market and Competition

This unit responsible to manage the Telecommunications Commission's (TCSI) efforts to create a soundly functioning telecommunications service provider market in the Solomon Islands through effective liberalisation and, where necessary, regulation of the market. The function covers three broad areas; 

  1. Market Intelligence
  2. Market Regulation
  3. Collection of data



The statistical information on the Solomon Islands telecommunications market and benchmark data from other countries is collected and analysed by Market Intelligent & Competition unit (MIC). The MIC unit informs stakeholders of the development of competition in the Solomon Islands Telecommunication market by means of research through its quarterly and annual key data report.

Additional data from consultations and also in the form of end-user surveys provides an insight into the use of electronic communications and postal services by both businesses and consumers in Solomon Islands.

Additionally, information on the Solomon Islands telecommunications market is provided to external organizations for the purposes of benchmarking Solomon Islands against other countries. The main organizations to which TCSI provides data are outlined below.